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Just a Girl and her Rescue Dogs

soulshine dog Rescue 

We rescue street dogs, who are often neglected and abused, from Mexico, and provide medical care, foster care as they heal and adopt them to a loving forever home. Our San Diego rescue is a volunteer-based organization who relies on fosters and generous donations to do the hard work. You can help by fostering a dog in immediate need, or by making a one-time donation that pays for medical care, become a monthly sponsor or adopt one of our adorable rescue dogs. 
Lifelong friendship


Our goal is to rescue over 200 dogs yearly. We do this by building a reliable foster and volunteer network, collaborate with other rescue organizations whom we network with, raise money to support our efforts, adopt dogs into loving homes ---- and never stop finding ways to help neglected and abused dogs in need. 

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How can you Help

You can help us rescue and place dogs into loving homes by clicking below on the best way for you to give. You can help by offering to foster in the San Diego area, Donate money for food and medical care, or apply to adopt one of our lovable rescues. There are always dogs in need so if you have another way to help our organization please contact us directly. 



Fostering is a life-changing experience! It gives you the opportunity to help a dog, for a limited period of time. From the time the dog is rescued, until we find him a home, s/he will bring you joy and warmth, while getting used to having shelter and safety.



Donations provides immediate and necessary medical assistance, food and shelter. We provide all the care they need, until we can find them a loving family. We also vet them; vaccines, spay/neuter, etc...Every donation helps us continuing helping each dog in need. 



Every hour counts! Our work would not have the same impact without the involvement of our volunteers. Whatever your expertise is, we can find a way to help us better run our rescue. Volunteering is rewarding, and makes a difference. 

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